Energy-Related Teaching Aids

We often receive requests for additional educational materials. In the near future we're hoping to create a lesson plan to accompany The Oil Age poster, but until then here are a few other links to teaching aids created by other providers:

Learning About Fossil Fuels - For Younger Students
Lessons for grades 4-8
Provider: U.S. Department of Energy
Fossil fuels are both the fuels of our past and fuels for the future. In this series of energy lessons and study guides, students can learn about the history of fossil fuels and their future potential.

Understanding Energy Concerns
Lesson Plan for grades 11 & 12
In this lesson, students explore the rising cost of gasoline and how it impacts people around the world differently. They learn about gasoline usage and alternate forms of energy used in several countries, and then consider the relationship between people in their country and oil.

All About Oil and Gas - Printable, Educational Posters
Posters designed for grades 9 and up
Provider: U.S. Department of Energy
Ten different downloadable PDF files that trace the origin of oil and gas, the means to get it to market, the U.S. and global disposition of oil and gas, as well as unconventional sources of oil.

Ecological Footprint Quiz
Activity for grades 7-12
Provider: Redefining Progress
This quiz measures the amount of renewable and non-renewable ecologically productive land area required to support the resource demands and absorb the wastes of a given person based on specific activities.

Energy Source Web Quest
Activity for grades 6-9
Provider: U.S. Dept of Energy
In this activity, students will learn about energy sources using Web-based resources and create Powerpoint presentations to teach other students.

Personal Energy Meter
Lesson Plan for grades 5-8
Provider: Microsoft (requires spreadsheet, browser, and word processing software)
Students take a look at their own energy use, tally up the costs in dollars and the environmental impact , and then think of ways to save. They explore energy conservation techniques and advocate for conservation in their own communities.

Your Carbon Diet
Activity for grades 3-12
Provider: PBS
In this activity, students learn about carbon emissions and how to conserve energy at home.

Data set to explore, grades 6-12
This portion of the NationMaster Web site contains statistics on energy around the world. It also allows users to create their own graphs based on those statistics.


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