The following is list of educators who have requested and been sent a copy of The Age of Oil poster:

"I am a microbiologist by training and teach both introductory
microbiology courses to Junior students, as well as graduate courses in
microbial ecology and in bioremediation. Interestingly, in both the intro.
Micro. Class and the microbial ecology class we cover petroleum formation and discuss the concept of Peak Oil."
H. Spratt
Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

G. Egbert
Department of Physics
Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN

"I have been discussing the fuel shortage with my 4th graders. They are very interested to learn about the hurricanes and the war with Iraq and why we have fuel shortages. The poster would help me better explain it to them. "
K. Larsen
Rosecrest Elementary School, Salt Lake City, UT

"One of the classes I am currently teaching is
Chemistry in the Community, which has a national
curriculum and textbook. A significant part (about 6
weeks) of that course deals with energy, oil, oil
exploration and refining, natural gas, nuclear, solar,
and hydroelectric. This poster would be an EXCELLENT
resource and addition to the classroom!"
W. Krell
Troy, MI

T. Smith
Orlando, FL

S. Theaker
Prescott Valley, AZ

"I teach American History at Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I learned about this website while watching
C-Span, and I think this poster would make a valuable contribution to my class."
L. Zimmerman
Virginia Beach, VA

"The institution is the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I am working with other professors in leading a series of discussions open to the campus concerning the economics of our rising oil prices. "
R. Pastiro
Hilo, HI

T. Koonce
New Bern, NC

B. Zook
Belleville Mennonite School, Belleville, PA

J. Middleton
Arts and Communications Department
Kellogg Community College, Battle Creek MI

R. Sheridan
Boonsboro, MD

"I teach for a small rural community college in an area where dairy farming is the main industry and source of income. It is also an area where people don't think twice about making 2 or 3 15 mile trips to the store for odds and ends."
R. Pepper
Tillamook, OR

D. Pipkin
Plano, TX

"I work for SCDHEC and do outreach in schools and communities. We promote fuel conservation and carpooling. Our Dept. also provides ozone air quality reports."
I. Richards
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
Greenwood, SC

A. Gustave
Edenton, NC

D. Nelson
Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Technology Vehicles, ME 4554, which looks at the links between personal transportation, energy use and the environment
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

M. Conlin
Lifelong Learning of Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island, SC

I. Lofving
Skowhegan Area High School, Skowhegan, ME

C. Miller
San Diego, CA

C. Thawley
Thornton Friends Middle School
Silver Spring, MD

K. Fisher
Union City Middle School
Union City, MI

C. Kirven
Santa Cruz, CA

E. Cha
Tigard, OR

"I am a French teacher, and am passionately interested in the future of mankind. In teaching comparisons of cultures, I continually point out the need for conservation, and set the Europeans up as a example of 1st world cultures who live well while consuming much less than North Americans."
J. Perkins
Manual High School
Louisville, KY

S. Chase
Woodbine, MD

"I am an advisor to the Simsbury High School Mock Trial Team. Your poster/ exhibit appears to be an ideal demonstrative exhibit to review with the team. Depending on the specific case selection it may also have direct application."
T. Donohue
West Simsbury, CT

B. Goldstein
Architecture Annex
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

J. Pippin
Grand Prairie High School, Grand Prairie, TX

C. Silver
Business Education
River Falls High School, River Falls, WI

B. O'Connor
Duke School, Durham, NC

R. Bernot
Department of Biological Science
Murray State University, Murray, KY

J. Johnston
Environment and Sustainability Curriculum Coordinator for the new Upper Canada College Green School Initiative
Toronto, Canada

A. Pinkall
Goessel, KS

C. McBee
Calhoun, GA

J. Butlin
Chapel Hill, NC

E. Mamo
North Augusta, SC

"Thank you very much for the offer of a free poster; my family is quite familiar with the work of Messrs. Deffeyes, Simmons, Kunstler, et al. and see this poster as another way to help educate those around us."
J. Dorman
Bethlehem, PA

M. Benson
Maximum Security Units at Oakland Juvenile Hall, San Francisco, CA

S. Cordry
Northwestern College of Iowa, Orange City, IA

"Our texts mention nothing about this, but it should be in the forefront of our studies."
J. Lazzarini
Chief Leschi High/Middle School, Puyallup, WA

"Thanks, we desire students to be prepared for a post - carbon society. We teach life skills used for living well in a culture much different than today's post modern world."
G. Walker
Walker Home Academy, Columbus, IN

"I'm so excited to know that this poster exists! I was just talking to one of my classes about peak oil yesterday, so I'm happy to know that I'll have a great visual to help explain it even more. (I'm sure some of the other science teachers will be jealous!). Thank you!"
M. Connaghan
Berendo Middle School, Los Angeles, CA 90006

T. Hawk
Charlotte, NC

L. Chorn
Petroleum Engineering Economics
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

D. Quach
Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, CA

"This January, I'll be teaching a course on Writing Science for the Stage at Middlebury College, Vermont. Students will write plays dealing with scientific issues and this poster would be a great resource to display in the classroom."
D. Yeaton
Middlebury, VT

E. Di Bella
Malcolm Love Library
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

S. Sarabasha
Boynton Middle School, Ithaca, NY

J. McGarvey
New York State Weatherization Directors Association
Syracuse, NY

M. Kellar
Community Schoolhouse,Salem, OR

"Our libraries are progressive enough to get this
information out to the public as well as into the hands of classroom
teachers who will incorporate this important (CRUCIAL) lesson to the
generation who will have to come to grips with the decline in oil supply."
A. Johnson
Pocahontas County Free Libraries, Marlinton, WV

M. DeCarlo
Coron/Norco Unified School District, Corona, CA

S. Cone
McKinley Elementary School, Farmington, NM

D. Howarth
SAIL High School, Tallahassee, Florida

"I'm teaching a course--"Environment & Society"-- for which your poster would be a very useful instructural device.
S. Breyman
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

D. Hagen
Energy, Resources & Development
Good Shepherd School, Goshen, IN

"A course in conceptual physics for education majors. The state of Ohio has included renewable energy in its academic content standards for K-12 science. I want to educate the future teachers about the world's growing concerns over cheap oil. "
T. Smith
University of Dayton, Dayton, OH

"I am teaching a physical science class and we are doing a section about
Peak Oil."
R. Berney
Physics Department
University of Dayton, Dayton OH

"I am the director of a small, non-profit private school in Tallahassee and found out about your poster from one of our alumni. We would like to request a poster for our middle school class, which studies and monitors various conservation issues each year. "
P. Brey
The Magnolia School, Tallahassee, FL

J. Sear
Belle Vue Middle School, Tallahassee, FL

"I found out about your organization through a link connected to an announcement regarding the lecture in Flagstaff by Richard Heinberg. I teach Social Studies - grades 9-12. The poster will be displayed in my classroom."
B. Anderson
Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, Flagstaff, AZ

C. Maloney
Media Specialist
SAIL High School, Tallahassee, FL

S. Meldrum
Big Spring Middle School, Newville, PA

"I teach a class called "Energy: Use/Consequences" in Whatcom Community College in Bellingham (northwest corner of Wa. State). It's an introductory physics course with nearly complete emphasis on dealing with our expected energy future - which will be driven by decline of oil and natural gas. During the first introductory week, we cover (in a rudimentary fashion) just about all issues associated with peak oil and watch the EOS dvd. I'll be placing this poster in the class meeting room, and from what I can read from it on your website it will make a valuable focus for many conversations."
J. Rawlins
Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA

M. Baker
First Presbyterian Church, Peachtree City, GA

A. Kelman
Champlain College and Commuity College of Vermont

A Sierra College Teacher, Grass Valley, CA

"I teach an introductory course in urban and regional planning to undergraduates and a course in integrated resource management/ecosystem management to graduating seniors."
E. Olson
University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point College of Natural Resources
Center for Land Use Education, Stevens Point, WI

"I teach physics, advanced physics, and chemistry to high school students at Newman. Many of these students are reaching driving age, and I believe that it is important to educate them regarding oil use and depletion. For example, I have already shared an activity with my physics students where they analyze fuel economy vs speed curves for various model automobiles to determine which speeds are the most efficient for driving. The students were definitely interested in this activity, especialy since some of them drive large SUV styled cars. "
S. Knudsen
Newman Catholic High School, Wausau, WI

"I found out about the poster through a friend in Fairbanks Alaska with interests in the energy business. He has been suggesting his friends to prepare. We've got to get the word out, and this might help."
M. Henrikson
University of Alaska Southeast, Ketchikan, AK

J. Harris
Science Dept. (Introduction to Geology)
Dixie State College, St. George, UT

J. Bethel
Purdue University, School of Civil Engineering
West Lafayette, IN

E. White
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Syracuse, NY

"I will use is as part of lectures I give on using wood biomass as a feedstock for bioenergy and biofuels. This is a lecture that is given in silviculture and agroforestry classes as well as with high school students we are working with on research projects."
T. Volk
State University of New York
College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY

"The Environmental House, a program of Recycle Ann Arbor, is a green building and energy efficiency resource center that has been offering in-house seminars and tours to the greater Ann Arbor community for more than 6 years.
In this time, we've recorded over 5,000 visitors - we estimate nearly double
that have actually walked through the space, checking out our various
educational displays and materials. As one of eight designated Michigan
Energy Demonstration Centers, we would love to add your poster to our
Recycle Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI

"I am currently teaching an introductory course titled “Earth Resources” where we discuss the origins, uses, and environmental impacts of a range of geological resources. We will be focusing this semester of the petroleum industry"
D. West
Department of Geology
Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

"I work for a small public liberal arts university. I a course on environmental implications of energy use (EES 205, Energy and the Environment) that includes an extensive discussion of peak oil. I also include a short unit on peak oil in my introductory physical geology courses.
I will hang the poster in my lab room so students can use it as a resource beyond my lectures. "
T. Schroeder
Environmental Earth Science Dept.
Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

V. Hoyle
East Tennessee State University, Kingsport, TN

P. Shipman
Coventry Christian School, Pottstown, PA

"I think it would be a great teaching aid when I cover peak oil and the political/economic/ecological consequences."
F. Kalinowski, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC

"We are preparing to teach a class on the role of oil in war, and this poster would be great!"
J. Nestlerode, West Chester University, PA

K. Ginsberg
Berkeley Montessori Middle School, Berkeley, CA

"Thank you for the free poster! I will use it in class discussions about the future of energy."
J. Kilgore
Lawrence Gardner High School, Topeka, KS

"I teach a comprehensive unit on energy and would deeply appreciate any additional materials you could provide. Thank you!"
S. Burns
Jefferson Academy Charter Schools, Broomfield, CO

M. Thayer
Argonne Year Round Alternative, San Francisco, CA

L. Stockebrand
Yates Center Jr. High, Yates Center, KS

R. Brecha
University of Dayton, OH

J. Coppoc
Santa Fe Trail High School, Carbondale, KS

L. Miller
Northern Hills Junior High School, Topeka, KS

"What a great, eye-opening poster! Thanks."
G. Dent, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa, OK

S. Dolezilek
Jefferson West High School, Meriden, KS

R. Kilgore
Jefferson West High School, Meriden, KS

Susan Raby
Indian Creek Elementary, Topeka, KS

L. Bartel
Topeka West High School, Topeka KS

"It would work nicely with our studies of current events in our classroom. We discuss current events daily at the beginning of my U.S. History class. Recent discussions have focused on oil and gas prices and the connection to Iraq and opening up new drilling areas in pristine wildlife preserves. Thank you for the generous offer to our local schools!"
J. Pierce
Washburn Rural, Topeka, KS

S. Murphy
Bishop Elementary, Topeka, KS

"I saw your poster on WIBW news and it would be useful when I teach about natural resources in my ABC class."
S. Shaffer
Salina Central High School, Salina, KS




Teachers & Professors: Request a free poster for your class or school

Poster Details

Size: 36" wide by 23" tall

Ships in 3" mailing tubes via US Postal Service.

Printed on 100% recycled paper fiber with soy-based inks.